ZIGNIFY – Fully Customizable and Interchangeable Handbags

We are just like everyone of you who play different roles in our lives. We may have different identities, different interests, different ways of living and different fashion styles. These varieties help us become the unique us.

ZIGNIFY believes fashion is never about following trends, it is a process of creating your personal charm, attitude & style.

We keep our design simple & flexible that is perfect to fit for different occasions of your day to day life. Each individual lady are able to create an unique bag to highlight your personality & charm through the mix & match process.

Handbags is an essential part to lady’s outfit, we pay attention to every single details of our outfit according our mood, personal style & occasions, so how can we just carrying a handbag that is all pre-selected with no personal features ?

What is special to ZIGNIFY handbags?

We have precisely designed from the appearance to the size & the structure of the bag. With the zip up feature, user are able to fully customize the color combination by selecting the color they desired for every single pieces of the bag which not only helps highlight your personality and style, but also create a handbag that is just for yourself.

Moreover, in a concept of modular design, the bags are all carefully calculated & precisely designed in every little details to maximize the flexibility for customization.

The middle piece & shoulder strap are interchangeable between the SQUARE BAG & SATCHEL BAG which helps creating your own bag not only in your favorite colors but also able to transform into different types according to different occasions.

What is more, the SQUARE BAG Slim is designed also to be a POUCH that perfectly fit into the SATCHEL BAG which utilize the usage & interaction of both ZIGNIFY handbags.

ZIGNIFY aims to help you to “Make A Statement”!!

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Asta Lok
Founder, ZIGNIFY

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