Video Ecommerce App Launches on Indiegogo

I am a Entrepreneur ,have a background in computer science and engineering. I have been working in telecommunication and insurance industry. I wanted to add the latest tech technology enabling in the E commerce business.

There are lot of websites selling eCommerce products. Videos create more meaning and clear understanding of the products while selling online. We will adding payment integration to shopping websites as well. Apart from that merchants , customer who wants to sell their used items and can chat with other people online . People can upload their videos and sell their products. One stop shop for all customers , merchants and sellers to be one communicating online in one place.

The problems we are trying to solve is that rather than websites selling items online , we try to bring a lively conversion and also promoting products at the same time. There will be online chat, videos of the product uploaded by the customer and merchants either live or stored videos or a product demonstration which can create better understanding of the project.

Videos do tell a story and it touches on both need and want – pushing viewers closer to conversion.

To leverage and capture the attention of your followers, use the most unique format of the platform to create highly engaging videos. Some of the best content ideas that can be put to use are,

Giving inside looks and highlights of your brand,
Share something new every day,
Make Q&A sessions regularly, and
Vlogging is the best.

You can use this platform to share how to’s and tutorials, promote your products, news, events and much more. Most of the vloggers and influencers have already started on this platform and treat it as the next YouTube-like platform.

Please support and make noise about our campaign and feel free to share in social media.

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