Support Team Ronin Racing In Building A Formula EV

Help team Ronin Racing in manufacturing a formula style electric vehicle for a greener and better future. Team has already successfully collected 30K INR funds, now it’s time for you to step up and help team Ronin Racing. Just Donate 10 INR through Paytm or any Upi and share Ronin Racing’s frundraiser under the hashtag #donate10forRoninRacing.

We Need Your Support People. Donating a cup of tea shouldn’t be that hard when it’s for better engineers of tommorow. Now you may ask what we will do with 10 rupees. Right?

With around 6,000 Students in Nitw Ronin Racing can get donation of approx 60,000 Rupees. Nitw council group around 14K members so Ronin Racing can get donation of approx 1.4 Lakhs.

Around 10 Crore Indians have UPI accounts, if 1 Lakh people decide to pay 10 Rupees so Ronin Racing can have donation of 10 Lakhs. It’s Simple maths. Surely you can pay 10 Rupees for your college mates and see our car speeding towards it’s dream. Just donate 10.

PS: For 10 Rupees payment use upi or paytm option.

So Support and share fundraiser of team Ronin Racing for better engineers of tomorrow.
Link for fundraiser:

Ravikant Tiwari wants to raise funds for Support team Ronin Racing in building a Formula EV. Your donation has the power to help them move closer to their goal amount. Please contribute.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all who have supported our team monetarily in our funding campaign. This made us full of energy to see love and trust towards our team from the people. Only within 4 days of the launch of the campaign, we have managed to raise around 31K INR which wasn’t easy though. Keep loving and supporting the team in the same way for the rest of our journey.

We would specially like to thank G Natrajan and Bhagavathy Nagammal for their grand contributions. And all because definitely all the little contributions matter a lot. Thanks a lot everyone.

We request all to post on their social media accounts after donation with the hastag #donate10forRoninRacing for further support.

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