Age of Rebellion Book Launches on Kickstarter

For centuries, the once free kingdoms have been ruled by a tyrant. People who possess a special gift are called cursed and subject to extermination. Any disobedience to the laws of the Amrit Imperium entails death. The peoples who reconciled to life in fear were afraid even to think of resistance.

Everything was changed by the next purge, in a small village in the north of Berengssens. The Voice of Amrit, arrived to reveal the cursed, faced with the facts that pointed to the presence in this place of many people who possess the forbidden power. Every cursed one was identified and executed.

But the advocates of the law did not stop there, they found that the presence in the settlement of so many cursed could not go unnoticed by the locals. Since hiding any information about the cursed is a crime, every villager has been sent to the chopping block.

The news of these atrocities spread like a plague. Driven to despair and tired of living in fear, people awoke and a flared rebellion, like a pestilence, struck the lands of Gheos.

Since childhood, I lived in some alternative world, where there was a place for dragons, magic and the most unimaginable magic. I am inspired by authors such as Terry Goodkind, the creator of the “Sword of Truth” world, and Robert Jordan, the author of the “Wheel of Time” series.

For many years now I have been creating the concept of a world in which the events of the interactive book “Age of Rebellion” take place.

I decided to do crowdfunding to expand the team and give me more free time to maximize my first interactive book.

Since I am involved in the plot component, I need an artist, programmer and editor in the team, so I need Your help to make the interactive book “Age of Rebellion” fully realize its potential.

The interactive book “Age of Rebellion” is a non-linear text adventure at its own pace. It is up to you to decide what fate awaits the heroes, and those who surround them. Use this privilege wisely.

Any help is appreciated!
Can’t help us financially? Support us with a word! We will be more than happy if you just help spread the word about our project in any way possible.

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